Modified and Simplified for COVID-19. Sunday, June 28, 2020
As you can imagine, the spread of the COVID-19 virus sent preparations for The Whale Walk 2020 into a tailspin. But now that society is slowly beginning to open up, we’ve decided to go ahead with a smaller, much less ambitious version of the event. The most important thing is that it is a safe time for everyone, which is why we are taking some precautions in keeping with social distancing guidelines.

Sunday 28th June, 2020

(weather hold date – Sunday 5th July)

  We’ll be setting off in small groups from the gates of Dunningham Park in Coogee between 9 – 10 am. In amongst us will be marine biologists and others with local knowledge. They’ll all be wearing white hoodies with The Whale Walk logo on them. Say hello! We’ll all be working together to spot whales off the coast, so if you see something – say something. Other than that – choose your own adventure. The coastline is magnificent at this time of year and if you feel like dawdling at some spot we’re not going to be telling anyone to hurry up. Take your time. Finish when you like. Smile at strangers and make the day exactly what you’d like it to be. The Whale Walk doesn’t cost anything. It’s just about us ocean lovers getting together for a chilled out stroll along the coast during the migration. So come join us! Please note – we’ve provided a weather hold date for the weekend after. We need calm seas for the best whale watching conditions, so instead of fighting through poor conditions, we’d rather wait for a window of good weather. Having said that, we have our fingers crossed for the 28th June. And aren’t we all due a bit of good luck this year?

What to bring

  Bring whatever opticals you have. Binoculars, telescopes or zoom lenses. We’ll have some ourselves that we’ll be more than happy to share after we wipe them off with sanitised wipes. Layer your clothes. It is the middle of winter, but sometimes the sun can be quite warm in the middle day. And yes, you can you get sunburned – bring some sunscreen. We’ll be packing a picnic lunch and bringing a thermos of warm goodies with us. There are a few cafes and food outlets along the way, but it’s a shame to leave the walk to go stand in line. There are plenty of toilets and places to top up your water bottles along the way.  

Coming by Public Transport?

  Coogee has traditionally been a tricky spot to get to by bus. And the new light rail, as nice as it is, is not necessarily the fastest. If you are coming through Central station, it may well be fastest to get the 373 bus instead, which has it’s stop on Eddy Ave. But check your google maps and you’ll get there.  

Driving to Coogee?

  Parking Inspectors love Coogee. Near the beach is all 2 hour parking or less. But there is substantial all-day parking 200 metres or so behind the beach. The walk will begin at the northern end of the beach, so try to park up that end around the Bream St / Brook St area. To get back to your car at the end of the walk, there are plenty of buses to Bondi Junction from the beach. From there, the fastest and most direct bus back to Coogee is the 353 from Stand P. Or catch an Uber. Your call.

See you there!

Mike Lind

Founder and Creative Director

Mike is the founder of Sydney design studio Thunderous, working across branding, corporate identity and content production. Prior to that, he worked as a Creative Director in the Ad industry for 18 years, working for clients as diverse as Coca-Cola, Hyundai, NRMA, NRL, Tourism Tasmania amongst many others. For his work he has been widely awarded both internationally and locally. He has worked on the creative side of several large events, notably the KIA Australian Open and Hyundai A-League. Mike has seen whales in Alaska, Canada, Fiji, West Australia, and of course hundreds times from the Eastern Suburbs coastline.

Kirsty Alexandrou

Marketing & Sponsorship Lead

With over 15 years experience in digital marketing, Kirsty has an in-depth understanding of online behaviour & growing audiences.

She spent much of her career at Estee Lauder Companies, working on the Jo Malone London, La Mer, Tom Ford and Origins brands.

Her life long passion has been marine mammals and ocean conservation. Swimming with wild
dolphins and whale watching have punctuated many moments in her life, from her childhood dreams of becoming a Marine Biologist & spending her pocket money on adopting whales & dolphins.

Currently working as a venture development partner whilst tending to a growing family, she’s also launching a retail brand based on 3 books that her husband has written.

Vanessa Pirotta

Scientific Lead

Vanessa Pirotta is a marine biologist and science communicator, having recently completed her PhD at Macquarie University, Sydney. Her research focuses on identifying conservation gaps for cetaceans. She has led pioneering research in collaboration with industry experts to develop custom-built, waterproof drones to collect whale snot from large whales. She is the National and International award winner of the prestigious science communication competition FameLab, where she represented Australia on the international stage. She has also been awarded the 2018 Office of the Environment & Heritage and Ecological Society of Australia award for outstanding outreach. She also has a Bachelor of Science from the Australian National University where she majored in Zoology and Evolution and Ecology.

We're a Charity

The Whale Walk Foundation will bestow grants on scientific researchers and educators with an interest in the marine environment. While of course we have the greatest interest in whales, it will not be our exclusive purpose. We will be inviting  applications for grants across a wide range of subjects involving the marine environment. It should be made clear that whilst we are interested in conservation, it isn’t our focus. We do not intend to align ourselves with any political movements or protest organisations. Our primary interest is in pushing our knowledge of the oceans forward, and educating the next generation about the wonders offshore.

The Whale Walk Constitution


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